Morna Rhys

Morna Rhys creates coloured etchings, mostly on copper plate, using line, colour, texture and tone, based on land and seascapes and on plant forms, trees, foliage and blossom. When she became interested in etching, she found that it allowed her to experiment and create with colour, sometimes producing unexpected results, to make new artworks that are a product of the ideas and the process. Now, Morna is expanding her printmaking techniques to use screen printing combined with etching.

In particular, Morna has become well know for her scenes of Cornwall and Cornish landscapes and coastal scenes, with increasingly her scenes of Spain and Spanish landscapes becoming popular.

Morna studied Fine Art at St Martin School of Art, London in the early 1970's. She subsequently completed an art teachers' certificate at Sussex and then went on to teach art at secondary level.

Sine then, she has taught in adult education and most recently worked as Artist in Residence at several Oxford primary schools and at the Botanic Gardens, Oxford.

She is a member of the Oxford Printmakers Cooperative and the Oxford Arts Society.

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Ramson Path
Llyn Gafr, Cadair Idris
Crescent Moon
Gathering Dusk
Fairy Lane
Nanjizal Coombe
Cornish Hawthorn


Taff Estuary The Noyses, Cornwall The Valley of Afon Cadair
Usk Castle Woodland Spring Into the Sunlight

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